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Coldplay Live Broadcast from Buenos Aires (also known as "Live Broadcast from Buenos Aires") is a worldwide live cinema event developed by British rock band Coldplay in partnership with Trafalgar Releasing alongside CJ 4DPlex, for the transmission of their eighth concert tour Music of the Spheres World Tour.

On October 20, 2022, South Korean singer and songwriter Jin from BTS, was announced as a special guest for the broadcast to perform live his debut single collaboration with Coldplay, "The Astronaut". It was his last public performance before being assigned to his two-year conscription in South Korea.[1]


Main Cast[]


The event was announced on 8 September 2022, with tickets and the full list of local screenings being available on 15 September through an official website. It was directed by BAFTA and DGA Award-winning and Grammy-nominated director Paul Dugdale, a long-time collaborator of the band.

The cinema event was the sixth most popular film around the world on its only opening weekend, grossing $8,421,265.[2]


The concert was broadcast live to over 3.500 cinemas around the world across 81 countries and regions. It was broadcast live to North and Latin America on 28 October, whilst the rest of the world joined the broadcast on 29 October due to local time zones. Repeat screenings of the concert's recording occurred the following day worldwide.

Set List[]

# Song Performed by
Act. I. Planets
1. "Music of the Spheres" (Intro) Coldplay
2. "Higher Power" Coldplay
3. "Adventure of a Lifetime" Coldplay
4. "Paradise" Coldplay
5. "The Scientist" Coldplay
6. "Viva la Vida" Coldplay
7. "Hymn for the Weekend" Coldplay
8. "Let Somebody Go" Coldplay, H.E.R. (Dueting + Guitar solo)
9. "De Música Ligera" Soda Stereo (Cover)
10. "Yellow" Coldplay
Act. II. Moons
11. "Human Heart" Chris Martin, Angel Moon
12. "People of the Pride" Coldplay
13. "Clocks" Coldplay
14. "Infinity Sign" Coldplay
15. "Something Just Like This" Chris Martin (Performing in sign language)
16. "Midnight" Coldplay
17. "My Universe" Coldplay
18. "A Sky Full of Stars" Coldplay
Act. III. Stars
19. "Don't Panic" Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion (Sharing lead vocals)
20. "Baraye" Shervin Hajipour (Cover), Golshifteh Farahni and Nicole Lawrence (On pedal steel guitar)
21. "Sunrise" Coldplay (Played from tape), Louis Armstrong ("What a Wonderful World" spoken intro speech)
22. "Humankind" Coldplay
23. "Fix You" Coldplay (With "Midnight" intro excerpt)
24. "The Astronaut" Coldplay, Jin (Live debut)
25. "Biutyful" Coldplay, The Weirdos (On stage)
26. "A Wave" (End) Coldplay (Played from tape)


Date Box Office Country (Recording) Venue Observation
October 28, 2022 $8,421,265 Argentina At the movies TBA
October 29, 2022



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