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Bring The Soul: Docu-Series is a BTS' documentary series based in the movie, Bring The Soul: The Movie. It was available to be purchased on Weverse and released weekly since August 27, 2019 until October 1, 2019.


Main Cast[]


"LOVE YOURSELF." One message that touched the hearts of ARMY across the world.

Behind the free and spirited presence on the stage, are the members doing their best to love themselves, personifying the message delivered throughout the tour. But the sense of responsibility, along with the worries and anxiety, is mounting more weight on the shoulders of the members.

The docu-series captures BTS members telling the stories untold in Bring The Soul: The Movie and finally revealing their genuine stories.


1 Bring The Soul Docu-Series Ep.1 Challenge
August 27, 2019
[SUGA to RM, "The one thing I’m most afraid of is..."] It’s about time they are used to live performances, but the world tour always brings out the nervous sides of the BTS members. The members candidly speak about this year’s tour, their first-ever stadium concert in South Korea, and the docu-series.
2 Bring The Soul Docu-Series Ep.2 Passion
September 3, 2019
[RM to JIMIN, "I want to love myself too."] Jet lag and fatigue are taking their toll, and now the flu is dragging some of the members down. But this is no time to hit the floor. Waiting the members are the unrivaled magnitude of the venues and the audiences, together with the heated attention of the American media.
3 Bring The Soul Docu-Series Ep.3 Relationship
September 10, 2019
[JIMIN to JUNG KOOK, "Apparently, I said I feel alone..."] Halfway through the North America tour, BTS find themselves entangled in a crisis of their own. It was each other that BTS members had through thick and thin for the last 6 years, and holding them together is their intimate and lasting ‘relationship.’
4 Bring The Soul Docu-Series Ep.4 Influence
September 17, 2019
[JUNG KOOK to V, "I want to know what my dream really is."] The pride of their lifetime—addressing the UN General Assembly and performing on the dream stage at Citi Field—leaves BTS members astounded.
5 Bring The Soul Docu-Series Ep.5 Cordiality
September 24, 2019
[V to J-HOPE, "It’s alright, even if we don’t..."] In their first visit to Europe as a tour, physical stress is slowly proving to be a challenge for BTS. But, that cannot hold the members back. With six members filling in on the stage for injured Jung Kook, BTS realize once again what and how the members mean to each other.
6 Bring The Soul Docu-Series Ep.6 Energy
October 1, 2019
[J-HOPE and JIN, "If I don’t have them with me..."] BTS has given their all during a month and a half of their tour. The love from ‘ARMY’ who appreciate BTS and their effort is teeming with energy, and fuels BTS forward and onward.



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