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Break The Silence: Docu-Series is a BTS' documentary series. It was released on May 12, 2020 on Weverse.


The documentary follows the 351-day journey, from Love Yourself to Love Yourself: Speak Yourself. The latest docu-series brings a close look into the beautiful and unforgettable moments of BTS and ARMY during yet another phenomenal world tour. Watch the members candidly reveal what holds their lasting bond together for such a long time and what they mean to each other as performers, as friends, and as brothers, on and off the stage.


1 Break The Silence Docu-Series Ep 1 STILL GOING ON TOGETHER
May 12, 2020
BTS begins their preparation for LOVE YOURSELF Tour in Asia. Just before their latest tour in a month's time, the members confess their anticipation and the sense of anxiety ahead of meeting their fans once again
2 Break The Silence Docu-Series Ep 2 YOU CAN CALL ME IDOL
May 12, 2020
What is life like as idols for BTS? It is a challenge for the members, always having to bring "something new". Also, it is with regret when they come short of the quality and standard they wished to deliver on stage for the fans. As BTS puts their challenges and regrets aside to prepare for their next performances, how will the members cope with endless worries and expectations?
3 Break The Silence Docu-Series Ep 3 WAY TO WORK
May 14, 2020
LOVE YOURSELF Tour is about to come to an end, and the seven members realize they have to work hard to reach new heights and to even take a break from their responsibilities. With a lot on their minds, perhaps overcoming their personal challenges and worries, together as a team, will lead them to achieve their dreams one day.
4 Break The Silence Docu-Series Ep 4 SPEAK YOURSELF
May 19, 2020
With SPEAK YOURSELF TOUR getting underway with the new album, MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA, the members talk about the stadium tour that they have dreamt for so long. And can the members get the most out of the circumstances given? Watch BTS standing up to their challenges and "just going instead of worrying" with bold confidence, time and time again.
5 Break The Silence Docu-Series Ep 5 THE OPPOSITE SIDE
May 21, 2020
The members cannot help but feel exhausted as they wait to perform on stage, even though it is what they do best and love the most.

But, they will not stop, for it is ARMY, their heartfelt expressions, and their resounding cheers that make BTS continuously deliver phenomenal performances.



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