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"Boy In Luv" is a song by BTS. It was released on February 12, 2014. It serves as the title track and appears as the second track from their second mini album Skool Luv Affair and the fourth track from their first repackage album Skool Luv Affair Special Addition.

The instrumental version of the song was released exclusively physically on May 14, 2014 and appears as the thirteenth track from their first repackage album Skool Luv Affair Special Addition.

The song also appears as the fourth track from their second Japanese compilation album The Best of BTS -Korea Edition- and the fourth track on CD1 from their first anthology album Proof.


'Boy In Luv' is the title song of the mini album [Skool Luv Affair]. Producer pdogg, who has been with BTS since their debut album, composer Bang Si-hyuk, and BTS members Rap Monster and SUGA worked together. By combining intense rock sounds and harsh hip-hop drums, a uniquely attractive sound was created. In order to preserve the rocking feel, a lot of effort was put into recruiting a local British guitarist to record the song. BTS reinterpreted 'OLD SCHOOL HIPHOP' introduced by hip-hop musicians Beastie Boys and Run DMC, who debuted in the 1980s and enjoyed great popularity, with a modern feel. This song runs non-stop from beginning to end and has the charm of making your whole body shake. As with the previous album, the members directly participated in the song work and expressed their honest thoughts in their own words. The bold confession that I will not give up and run towards you until the end even if you do not know my feelings contains pure spirit. You can also feel the freshness of a teenage boy through lyrics such as ‘If I go to college with you, I think I’ll go well’.






  • In this music video, BTS all have a crush on one girl at their school and no matter what they'll do they are going to get her.
  • "Boy In Luv" charts:
    • Peaked at #5 on World Digital Songs and it entered 4 weeks consecutively to the charts, reached 10 weeks in total.
    • Peaked at #45 on Gaon Singles Chart (South Korea).
  • "Boy In Luv" music video records:
    • It's the fourth BTS's music video to reach 100 million views.
    • It's the fourth BTS's music video most viewed.
    • It's the 25th K-Pop music video most viewed on Youtube.
    • It's the 6th BTS's music video most liked on Youtube.
    • It's the 12th K-pop boy group music video most liked on Youtube.
    • It's the 19th K-Pop music video most liked on Youtube.


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