• Itzmi

    im new here!

    August 20, 2019 by Itzmi

    hello all!! I have been an army for some years now but I joined this fandom yesterday...I love bts and army...but even bts needs time for themselves so I keep reminding myself that they r on a vacation and must not be disturbed. Anyway,we all hope to see them soon. Saranghae!!

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  • Heartbreaker2907

    Burn The Stage

    August 9, 2019 by Heartbreaker2907

    So I just watched Burn The Stage... I don't think I've ever so many emotions in such a short timespan. I really cried my heart out at the end. I'm so proud of them and I hope they're happy.

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  • Heartbreaker2907

    Hi there!

    August 9, 2019 by Heartbreaker2907


    I'm Park Minbyeol (It's just my Korean name). I've been an A.R.M.Y. for almost a year now and I really can't express how happy I am to have become one. I really love BTS and everything they do. I'm really proud of all the things they've achieved so far and I'm excited about their future. It makes me sad to know that I'm probably never going to be able to thank them in person for everything they've done. They've saved my life multiple times and were able to make me smile through the worst times I've been through so far. [[File:BTS.png|thumb|304px|BTS; my heroes

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  • Chimmyjiminie

    Hello :)

    July 26, 2019 by Chimmyjiminie


    My username is chimmyjiminie cause I really love bts and if you like them too, you'll know that one of the members is Jimin, and he is my bias. 


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  • NariiBlossom


    June 13, 2019 by NariiBlossom

    Annyeong ARMY!

    I'm Lilly lol. I'm relatively new to the BTS fandom (around 5 months) so I'm not entirely... acquainted with everything.

    I mean, I know their names, like Namjoon (RM), Jimin (Jiminnieeeee), Taehyung (V), Hoseok (J-Hope), Jungkook (Kookie), Seokjin (Jin) and Yoongi (Suga, and no, I did not google their names and nicknames, I made sure to completely memorize them when I became a fan of BTS so I didn't embarrass myself and look like a fake fan lololol). 

    So, this blog post is pretty much just to introduce myself to you all. As I've already said, my name is Lilly, I'm fourteen and I live in Australia. 

    Even though none of you are probably interested, I do a fair bit of writing. I even have two Wattpad accounts. One is my normal accou…

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  • 흰새
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  • Zekiye hoseok


    May 11, 2019 by Zekiye hoseok

    hello my name ıs zekiye ı love you bts 

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  • Mochiazalea


    April 10, 2019 by Mochiazalea

    Hello My name is Azalea and I'm an ARMY

    Bias: Jimin

    Age: 11

    B-day: September 16,2007

    Bias wrecker: Jungkook

    Been a fan of BTS since : June 2018

    Concerts: Citi Field & Going to MetLife Stadium in May.

    Special Quote: If you think that you're a late fan of BTS then you're wrong. BTS came into all of our lives when we needed them most.

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  • Ladyhunt BTS

    introduction Of Me

    April 7, 2019 by Ladyhunt BTS

    Annyeong, fellow Army! My name is Adeline. Just known me as Adel @ Glam. I am 14year old on 2019. My bias is Min Yoongi. My fav hobbies is drawing, singing & listened to music. How about yours?

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  • Autumn Seasons


    April 4, 2019 by Autumn Seasons

    Hello ARMY! I've been on this website multiple times, I just haven't had time to say things. My ultimate bias Jung Hoseok/J-Hope and my ultimate bias wrecker is Kim Taehyung/V!

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  • Jungkook uwu

    Okay so, is it just me or do you have these random moments when you just cry of your bias. Or the fact that youll never get to meet them. Like is your an international army, you get the pain that youll never be able to go to a fan meet. Or not having enough for concerts. So you just watch the live versions

    Well ive cried alomst everyday just thinking about how perfect Jeon Jungkook is like damn papi

    anywayyyyyyyyyysssss this is my first blog post 

    hope you like it 


    Follow me on instagram 




    follow my friend @suga.daddy

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  • Naomi.vkook9795


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  • Gucci TaeTea

    BTS V

    January 15, 2019 by Gucci TaeTea

    BTS V MY bias I love him so much he is so kind/nice to everyone that he loves he is just a amazing  person from this plant is he even a human he don´t  care what people think about him he is just being hisself that why he is My bias and I love him I Purple U TAETAE TAKE CARE and be happy and heathy to  SAlANGHAE  

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  • Magnificentbts


    December 5, 2018 by Magnificentbts
    • ==merhaba şuan yeniyimgerçekten nasıl kulanacağım konusunda en ufak bilgim yok bana destek verip yardım edeceğinizi umuyorum şimdiden teşekürler'''''==
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  • Blakelangermann2


    November 21, 2018 by Blakelangermann2

    I Love BTS 


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  • Kookie21

    Jimin Day

    October 13, 2018 by Kookie21

    Happy Birthday Jiminie Oppa Saranghae

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  • PastelLoli43

    Happy B-day Jimin!!!

    October 12, 2018 by PastelLoli43

    Saengil chukha Hamnida!

    Saengil chukha Hamnida!

    Sarang ha neun, Jimin shi!

    Saengil chukha Hamnida!

    (If I still live in NY, I would quickly go to Times Square!!! T-T I guess we're not meant to be together, love!)

    Since, He's turning 23 years old! I want to do 4  reasons why to love Jimin! Here we go!

    LOOK AT HIM!!! I can't get enough of that guy! So CUTE

    He can hit high notes, like noone can!! 

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  • Cxmplicxted

    No offense but..

    July 29, 2018 by Cxmplicxted

    This community is dying. Got any ideas to spice it up like chats?

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  • ParkLJAY

    Hi Guys,

    I am a Proud Army since the SKOOL LUV AFFAIR era when they released SangnamjaParkLJAY (talk) I'm from NZ and enjoy learning BTS dances, and doing Singing and Guitar Covers on them.

    Gamsahamnida~~!!! ^^

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  • Btsxmiraculous


    July 22, 2018 by Btsxmiraculous

    I'm not exactly new, and I've been into BTS ever since September 2017, but I am quite new to this wiki. I think the ARMY are one of the nicest, strongest fandoms there is, and there is also alot of them. Since there are alot here, I want to speak to you guys!

    So, my first question to you is... WHO IS YOUR BIAS IN BTS?

    Feel free to comment below!

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  • LeneieTheFox


    July 16, 2018 by LeneieTheFox

    ok so on wattpad i write fanfiction and i am in the middle of writing a jimin imagine book i may be doing a bts prefernce book and a set it off one i will also take request on storys you think i should do so yeah check it out please and please no hate its my first story LeneieTheFox (talk) 09:56, July 16, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Elysa kooks

    I Love BTS

    April 29, 2018 by Elysa kooks

    I'm in love with BTS. I'm not a good writer.  But I just posted some of my writings of fanfictions and peoms. Please check it out .Its Pemciels kids. Comment,share and,vote. If you are using the app Wattpad.

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  • JiminA.R.M.Y1995


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  • SweetS30

    BTS Ages

    March 28, 2018 by SweetS30

    I was thinking if it was a good idea to also add the Korean Age on members info-box. Because in Burn the Stage Episode 1, Jungkook was going by his Korean age, and in Run BTS! episode 46, Jimin said Jungkook's Korean Age.

    BTS’ Korean ages in 2018:

    Seokjin: 27
    Yoongi: 26
    Hoseok: 25
    Namjoon: 25
    Jimin: 24
    Taehyung: 24
    Jungkook: 22

    BTS' International Age:

    Seokjin: 25
    Yoongi: 25
    Hoseok: 24
    Namjoon: 23
    Jimin: 22
    Taehyung: 22
    Jungkook: 20

    I just wanted to see from other users if it was okay to add it.

    More information about the Korean Age, here

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  • NiightOwl


    March 23, 2018 by NiightOwl

    Hi everyone :)

    I recently logged back into my Wikia Account and found this new Wiki - I figured I could help do some good :)

    I've noticed I could help flesh-out the Pairings pages, and I'll take a look at anything else I can help with - if you have any pointers just say the word.

    I can't say how much I'll be online because I'm usually pretty busy but I'll do my best to help whenever I can

    Nice to meet you all and feel free to drop me a message about anything

    -N :)

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  • Daughter.of.Shadows

    BTS Theory?

    December 30, 2017 by Daughter.of.Shadows

    Hey guys! I'm just going to say that I'm doing a love yourself/HER theory right now !! please look forward to it!

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  • Mewsic706

    Actually kinda sad...

    October 9, 2017 by Mewsic706

    To make my bad day, a lot of things happened. First, I had a nightmare (recently I've been having a winning streak of dreams with BTS in them, my crush in them, etc.) Then, I ticked off my mom and she was yelling at me. After that, I was on my school bus. There are these annoying 6th graders that sit a seat behind me. Half the time I have to tell them its time to go, because they never pack up. I tell them to go, nothing new. Then my little brother wants to stay in his seat. He isn't going at all, so I lightly grab his arm and kinda get him out of the seat. They get slightly triggered, but why bother I'm already in the mood to punch a wall. Because I sit in a seat farther back, I have to make the children go out of there seats before I can…

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  • Jumosan

    BTS Events Attendance

    October 2, 2017 by Jumosan

    Just wanted to know how many of us have actually attended a BTS related event such as concerts and fan signings or even clubs!

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  • BangtanBoyTrash


    October 1, 2017 by BangtanBoyTrash

    I l

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  • BangtanBoyTrash

    BTS Memes

    October 1, 2017 by BangtanBoyTrash

    When its raining listen to rain! When its sunny listen to hot!

    -Watches Jimin fail at concerts-


    -Cries from laughing so hard-

    -Watches Suga cry-


    -Cries with him-

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  • Violetlover1234


    May 11, 2017 by Violetlover1234

    Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :))

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  • K-PopFan12


    February 11, 2017 by K-PopFan12

    Heyyy! I'M IN LOVE WITH BTS!!!!!!


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