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Big Hit Audition (Hangul: 빅히트오디션, stylised in all caps as BIG HIT AUDITION), formerly Big Hit Entertainment Audition (Hangul: 빅히트 엔터테인먼트 오디션) is an audition program by South Korean entertainment company Big Hit Music and HYBE Corporation.

The first auditions, titled "Hit it", took place in 2010.[1] These auditions marked the beginning of the company's efforts to discover and develop new talent, leading to the formation of successful groups such as BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER.


The auditions are a vital part of the company's strategy to identify and develop future K-pop stars. Here are key aspects of Big Hit Auditions:

  1. Global Reach: Auditions are held in multiple countries around the world, allowing a diverse range of participants to showcase their talents. This global approach helps Big Hit find talent from different cultural backgrounds and regions.
  2. Talent Categories: Auditions are open to various types of performers, including:
    • Vocalists: Singers who can showcase their vocal abilities.
    • Dancers: Performers with strong dance skills.
    • Rappers: Individuals with rap skills and stage presence.
    • Producers: Those with abilities in music composition and production.
  3. Age and Gender Criteria: Typically, auditions have specific age ranges and may be open to all genders or specific to one gender, depending on the needs of the company at the time.
  4. Training Program: Successful candidates often enter Big Hit's trainee program, where they receive extensive training in singing, dancing, language skills, and other areas relevant to becoming a K-pop idol. This training can last for several years before trainees are ready to debut.
  5. Opportunities for Debut: Trainees who excel in their training may have the opportunity to debut in new groups or as solo artists. Big Hit's rigorous training and development process aims to ensure that only the most prepared and talented individuals make it to debut.
  6. Notable Successes: Big Hit Auditions have discovered some of the most successful K-pop artists, including members of BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER, who have gone on to achieve global fame and success.



Big Hit Entertainment has not been accepting female trainees for a while now. This is could be because of the incident with their previous girl group GLAM, or because they are focusing on famous boy groups. However, the company is currently accepting male trainees for a boy band.[2]

The entertainment company currently does not have any girl groups. In July 2019, they acquired Source Music Entertainment as a subsidiary and had a girl group, GFRIEND. This group from Source Music and was not directly subordinate to the overall company Big Hit Entertainment like BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Big Hit did not buy Source Music and is still an independent company, and GFRIEND is still managed and promoted by Source Music.[3]


The registration to audition is done through the Big Hit Music's official website.[4]

1. Application Period[]

  • At all times.

2. Eligibility[]

  • Male born in 2005 or later.

3. How to apply[]

Step 1[]

  • Click on ‘Apply’.

Step 2[]

  • Fill out the application form and attach the necessary files.

Step 3[]

  • Application submission completed.

4. Performance Category[]


  • Video or sound recording of dancing, singing or rapping + Full frontal photo.


  • Free acting video + 2 photos (1 frontal full body shot + 1 head shot).


  • PR* video + 2 photos (1 frontal full body shot + 1 head shot)
    (*PR=Introduce yourself)

5. Audition Result Announcement[]

  • Audition results will be sent to selected individuals via the email address provided on submitted application within 2 weeks after the audition.


Big Hit Entertainment 15th Anniversary Shoot (1)

Big Hit Music 15th Anniversary with Lee Hyun, BTS and TXT (February 2020)


  • BTS (방탄소년단) (2013–present)[5]
    • RM (August 14, 2010)
    • Jin (진) (June 29, 2012)
    • SUGA (슈가) (November 7, 2010)
    • j-hope (제이홉) (December 24, 2010)
    • Jimin (지민) (May 15, 2012)
    • V (뷔) (September 3, 2011)
    • Jung Kook (정국) (June 3, 2011)
  • TXT (투모로우바이투게더) (2019–present)



Producers and Directors[]


Performance Directors[]

  • Son Sungdeuk (손성득)[notes 20]
  • Kim Subin (김수빈)[notes 21]
  • Kwon Youjeong (권유정)[notes 22]
  • Lee Byungeun (이병은)
  • Park Hyewon (박혜원)
  • Yun Seongeun (윤성은)

Creative Directors[]

  • Kim Seonghyeon (김성현)
  • Lee Hajung (이하정)


Also as Big Hit Entertainment.



  • ADORA (아도라) (2016–2021)



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