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Spoilers Spoiler Alert: This article contains details about 7FATES: CHAKHO. Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled.

Beom hunters are beings in 7FATES: CHAKHO who have taken the task to kill beoms using any abilities and tools available to them. They can either hunt by themselves, or form a team.


Beom hunters began when there came a surge of beoms after Zeha broke the seal at Inwang Dungeon, Sin-si. Hwanwoong, chairman of Yisal Group, offered ₩50,000,000 as a bounty for each beom head.[1] Seongjin and his team became the first to hunt down a beom, of which their team slowly grew into an organization.[2]

Every beom hunter uses a variety of weapons and/or abilities to hunt a beom. Since the rise, a whole business has been established for beom hunting equipment, of which the starting prices are above ₩200,000,000. More useful weapons are priced at four hundred to five million, and special weapons are auctioned at a much higher price.[3] However, someone had been continuously buying out the weapons at the market, causing prices to increase higher and higher. At some point, beom hunters fight amongst each other to steal their weapons.[4]

Known Beom Hunters[]


CHAKHO is the central beom hunting team and the namesake of the story. There are currently only seven members in the team.

Tiger Butterfly[]

Tiger Butterfly Logo

Tigers Butterfly's logo.

Tiger Butterfly, also known as the Tiger Butterfly Force, is the opposing team against CHAKHO. They are currently the team with the most beoms hunted. There are currently more than 500 members in Tiger Butterfly[5] and are distinguished by their butterfly tattoo and yellow-green accented uniforms.

  • Dongcheol
  • Kyeongtae

Team 1

  • Seongjin
  • Deok-ki Lee
  • Nami Mi
  • Rang Eo
  • Kidong Ko


Moment is the second top team just below Tiger Butterfly.[5] Not much is currently known about them.