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BTS WINGS CONCEPT BOOK is the first concept book in the BTS Universe. It was published in June 29, 2017, unveils the secrets behind the album Wings. The 312-page photobook shows the production process of the album's short films and music videos, as well as photos were taken.


The concept of Wings was decided then. The ending of "불타오르네 (Fire)" music video, ‘Boy Meets What’. The blinking cursor behind the phrase "Boy Meets" at the ending of "Save ME" music video. The story of BTS had already been written then. What the boy will meet is ‘Boy Meets Evil’ of Wings, or in other words, the fissures and temptation of the world. Somewhere in the middle of the Most Beautiful Moment in Life Trilogy, the planning for group's second studio album started as BTS looked back on what they felt passing what could be called their best moment in life.[1]

After that, the record producer Bang Si-hyuk met the manga Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning and constructed the outline, though vague it was. This manga may seem like a simple mystery series, but the protagonist eventually fell into the end, end, end of despair, no, into a much deeper darkness. Despite that, he said it was okay, because all the agony came from his own choice. It was time for BTS to talk about the suffering and the choices a boy has to face in the process of advancing forward and growing up.[2]


  • Day: Boy (youth) - Peaceful, dependent, ideal, moral.
  • Evil: Tempter - Dream, secret desire, primitive impulse.
  • Night: Evil in reality - Bellicose, independent, individual.[1]


BTS Wings Concept Book Content
  1. Outbook (280x320mm)
  2. Concept Book (267x309mm / 312p)
  3. Photo Frame Paper (240x180mm / 2pcs)
  4. Lenticular Gift (1ea / (Out of 7 Types)
  • Release: June 29, 2017



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