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Jung Kook

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Park Ji-min (박지민), better known by his stage name Jimin (지민), is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer and producer. He is a vocalist and a dancer of BTS. As a solo artist, he has released two self-produced songs: "Promise" in 2018 and "Christmas Love" in 2020

Featured Song
Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) Cover.jpg

"Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) (Feat. Thanh)" is the first digital single by BTS featuring Vietnam singer Thanh Bui. It was released on November 20, 2014 as an remix of "Danger", the title track for their first studio album Dark & Wild

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5 00:00 KST ▶️ "Butter" Concept Clip
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21:00 KST ▶️ Run BTS! Ep.140 [Behind cut] (Wevese and VLive)
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14 00:00 KST 🖼️ "Butter" Teaser Photo 1
14 21:00 KST ▶️ Run BTS! Ep.143 (YouTube)
17 00:00 KST 🖼️ "Butter" Teaser Photo 2
19 00:00 KST ▶️ "Butter" Official MV Teaser
21 13:00 KST 🎵 "Butter" Release
21 13:00 KST ▶️ "Butter" Official MV

13 All day 🎂 BTS 8th Debut Anniversary
16 00:00 JST 💿 BTS, THE BEST Release

17 TBA 💜 Unboxing BTS's Purple Box

TBA TBA 💿 Upcoming Jungkook's mixtape Release
TBA TBA 💿 Upcoming V's mixtape Release
TBA TBA 💿 Upcoming J-Hope's mixtape Release
TBA TBA 🎶 Upcoming RM's solo music Release
TBA TBA 🎶 Upcoming Jin's solo music Release
TBA TBA 🎶 Upcoming Jimin's solo music Release
TBA TBA 🎶 Upcoming Suga's solo music Release

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