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The BTS Universe or Bangtan Universe (BU) was initially know as "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series", "Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa series" or "HYYH series" until the official name and logo was given on 2017, is an South Korean media franchise and shared universe that is centered on a series of music videos, independently produced by Big Hit Entertainment and based on characters inspired on the members of BTS. The franchise has expanded to include short films, short stories, books and webtoons.


Seven boys. Best friends. Their fates intertwined through the good times together, but also the tough times, as they have gone their separate ways and suffered greatly as a result. When all is almost lost for these boys, one is given a special chance to go back in time and help his friends fix the mistakes that led them down this path. He’ll do anything to save them, but can he? Or is he too late?


List of BU content certified by Big Hit Entertainment.

Era Content
Title Type Released
'I NEED U' Official MV Music video April 29, 2015
'I NEED U' Official MV (Original ver.) Music video May 10, 2015
화양연화 on stage : prologue Short film Sep 16, 2015
'RUN' Official MV Music video Nov 29, 2015
'I NEED U (Japanese Ver.)' Official MV Music video Dec 1, 2015
'RUN -Japanese Ver.-' Official MV Music video March 11, 2016
EPILOGUE : Young Forever’ MV Music video April 19, 2016
Wings WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN Short film Sep 4, 2016
WINGS Short Film #2 LIE Short film Sep 5, 2016
WINGS Short Film #3 STIGMA Short film Sep 7, 2016
WINGS Short Film #4 FIRST LOVE Short film Sep 8, 2016
WINGS Short Film #5 REFLECTION Short film Sep 9, 2016
WINGS Short Film #6 MAMA Short film Sep 10, 2016
WINGS Short Film #7 AWAKE Short film Sep 13, 2016
'피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)' Official MV Music video Oct 9, 2016
'血、汗、涙 -Japanese Ver.-' Official MV Music video May 9, 2017
BTS WINGS CONCEPT BOOK Concept book June 29, 2017
#LOVE_YOURSELF Poster Posters Aug 11-13, 2017
花樣年華 The Notes: Seokjin – 13 June Year 22 Note Aug 14, 2017
LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '起' Short film Aug 15, 2017
LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '承' Short film Aug 16, 2017
LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '轉' Short film Aug 17, 2017
LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '起承轉結' Short film Aug 18, 2017
花樣年華 The Notes in LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' Short stories Sep 18, 2017
'Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder' Short film April 5, 2018
花樣年華 The Notes: Jungkook – 22 May Year 22 Note May 4, 2018
'FAKE LOVE' Official Teaser 1 Teaser May 14, 2018
'FAKE LOVE' Official MV Music video May 18, 2018
花樣年華 The Notes in LOVE YOURSELF 轉 'Tear' Short stories May 18, 2018
'FAKE LOVE' Official MV (Extended ver.) Music video June 1, 2018
花樣年華 The Notes: Seokjin – 3 August Year 22 Note Aug 7, 2018
LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer 'Epiphany' Comeback trailer Aug 9, 2018
花樣年華 The Notes in LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer' Short stories Aug 24, 2018
SMERALDO BOOKS' Twitter Short stories Jan 2019
花樣年華 Pt.0 <SAVE ME> Webtoon Jan 17, 2019
花樣年華 THE NOTES 1 Book March 5, 2019
Map of
the Soul
花樣年華 The Notes in Map of the Soul: Persona Short stories April 12, 2019
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Art Toy Art toy September 16, 2019

Smeraldo Flower Shop

  • Jin's selca.
  • Smeraldo Flower Shop Logo on 2017.
  • Smeraldo Flower Shop Logo on 2018 with BU Logo.
  • The Smeraldo Academy Logo.
  • Smeraldo Flower.
  • Smeraldo Flowers.

On August 9, 2017, Jin posted on Twitter (@BTS_twt) a selca featuring a bouquet of flowers and the word "Smeraldo".[1]

Smeraldo is not an actual flower. However, ARMY found a florist (Testesso) who is planning on opening a shop called Flower Smeraldo.[2]

Testesso has a blog of the Smeraldo Flower, with different stories about the origin of the flower but the stories was deleted and added a logo of the flower shop on July 4, 2018.[3] Also the Instagram account that was deleted, and a Twitter account that is inactive and private since August 2017.

On August 22, 2018, the blog started to post same stories than last year but changed the 8th story and Seokjin didn't pre-order the Smeraldo flowers for the girl which means they didn't meet and she wasn't hit by a car, because Seokjin turned back the time.

Timeline on Blog:

  • August 15, 2017 (2022 on BTS Universe) is when Seokjin preordered the Smeraldo flowers.
  • August 15, 2018 (2022 on BTS Universe) occurs after Seokjin turned back time, so he didn't pre-order the flowers.

*Don't confuse Jin, the vocalist of BTS with Seokjin, the fictional character.

Deleted scene

BU - Deleted scene

Deleted scene.

The short film "화양연화 on stage : prologue" was originally released on September 8, 2015 but was deleted and re-uploaded on September 16, 2015, and Seokjin's last scene was removed.

In the scene, Seokjin is in his car, then opens his glove box and pulls out his polaroid with Yoongi; however, when he sees it, Seokjin is the only one in the picture, with Yoongi mysteriously absent from the picture. At the end of the scene, it is hinted that the car is floating on the sea.


List of the characters on the fictional universe.


Jin Love Yourself Teaser Poster

"If I could turn back time, I want to be the best man in the world."

Kim Seok-jin (김석진)

Seokjin transferred to the school after living in America,[4] making him the eldest of all his new friends. He always records and takes pictures of everything.

He has the ability to go back in time, and he tries to help fix his friends' mistakes with it.

Jin Wings2

"The bird finds its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born first must destroy the world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas."

Kim Seok-jin (김석진)


Suga Love Yourself Teaser Poster

"Don't come near me, you will become unhappy."

Min Yoon-gi (민윤기)

Yoongi always played the piano with his mother as a child; however, after her death in a fire, he stopped playing the piano and went to live with his father. He was not truly happy there as he hated the rules and silence, and all he wants to do is to leave.

He is afraid of getting close to people due to the accident and prefers to keep them away. To remember what had happened, he carries a lighter with him at all times.

Suga Wings 3

"There are numerous ways in which God can make us lonely and lead us back to ourselves. This was the way he dealt with me at that time."

Min Yoon-gi (민윤기)


J-Hope Love Yourself Teaser Poster

"If you can shine, I'm okay."

Jung Ho-seok (정호석)

Hoseok was abandoned by his mother in an amusement park when he was a child,[5] and he lived in an orphanage for ten years following the incident.[6] He was diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome and Narcolepsy.[7]

He enjoys dancing and always only ever shows his bright and cheerful side to others. He always takes care of Jimin.

J-Hope Wings 3

"With a face that resembled her son's, timeless, ageless, and full of inner strength, the beautiful woman smiled with dignity. Her gaze was fulfillment, her greeting a homecoming. Silently I stretched my hands out to her."

Jung Ho-seok (정호석)


Rap Monster Love Yourself Teaser Poster

"I only watch you from behind, because now is not the time."

Kim Nam-joon (김남준)

Namjoon has a part-time job at a gas station.[8]. He always watches others from far away and lives with a complex resulting from not doing anything for the people he cares for.

Kim Namjoon - BTS Universe (Wings)

"The other realm, however, overlapping half our house, was completely different. A loud mixture of horrendous, intriguing, frightful, mysterious things, including slaughterhouses and prisons, drunkards and screeching fishwives, calving cows, horses sinking to their death. Tales of robberies, murders, and suicides."

Kim Nam-joon (김남준)


Jimin Love Yourself Teaser Poster

"I lied, because there is no reason to love someone like me."

Park Ji-min (박지민)

Jimin changed schools a lot due to his constant admission into and discharge from the hospital. That was before he meets Hoseok and the five other boys from the school. Unfortunately, his happiness does not last long, as he is soon brought to the hospital once again.

BU - Jimin Wings

"My parents house made up on realm, this realm was familiar to me in almost every way-- mother and father, love and strictness, model behavior and school."

Park Ji-min (박지민)


V Love Yourself Teaser Poster

"Would you not have left me? If I had made a different choice?"

Kim Tae-hyung (김태형)

Taehyung lost his mother as a child, and lived with his father, a drunk who abused Taehyung and his sister. Taehyung frequently practices vandalism. He later murders his father in an enraged attempt to protect his sister.

V Wings 3

"That was the first fissure in the columns that had upheld my childhood, which every individual must destroy before he can become himself. Such fissures and rents grow together again, heal, and are forgotten, but in the most secret recesses they continue to live and bleed."

Kim Tae-hyung (김태형)


Jungkook Love Yourself Teaser Poster

"The day that I want to run to that place, where my heart is taking me to."

Jeon Jung-kook (전정국)

Jungkook is admitted into the hospital after surviving a car accident. As the days go by, he starts to remember and recall his memories of his time together with Yoongi upon hearing a familar tune being played by a girl with a guitar.

Jungkook Wings 3

"The realms of day and night, two worlds coming from two opposite poles, mingled during this time."

Jeon Jung-kook (전정국)



Main article: Timeline

Timeline of events occurred on the fictional universe.


Magic Shop and Fake Love

"Magic Shop" is a psychodramatic technique that exchanges fear for a positive attitude.

They have a new chance to do the things right but because they don't love themselves due to the memories of their past mistakes, they end up repeating those mistakes.

Character Fear Symbolism
of Fear
Reason Positive Attitude
Seokjin Not being a good and reliable person.
BU - Magic Shop SJ 1


He feels guilty for the end of their friendship and for ruining all the good memories.
BU - Magic Shop SJ 2

Smeraldo flower

What (he did/happened) with his new chance?: He found and brought the Smeraldo flowers to the girl, but when crossing the street, she is hit by a car and passes on.
Yoongi Hurting the people he cares about.
BU - Magic Shop YG 1


His mother died in a house fire.
BU - Magic Shop YG 2


What (he did/happened) with his new chance?: He pushes the girl away, even though she tried to help him.
Hoseok He never found is mother.
BU - Magic Shop HS 1

Chocolate bar (Snickers)

His mother abandoned him when he was a child.
BU - Magic Shop HS 2


What (he did/happened) with his new chance?: He has found a girl who reminds him of his mother, but he's losing her, too.
Namjoon He is reluctant to do things for the people he cares about.
BU - Magic Shop NJ 1

"You must survive" message

He left without saying anything and never got involved in anything that happened.
BU - Magic Shop NJ 2

Hair tie

What (he did/happened) with his new chance?: He doesn't do anything for the girl.
Jimin Not being loved for his true self.
BU - Magic Shop JM 1

Flowering Arboretium

When he was a child his parents never were with him, and he has no friends because of his illness.
BU - Magic Shop JM 2


What (he did/happened) with his new chance?: Because of him, both he and the girl are hurt; however, Hoseok is only worried about the girl.
Taehyung Being alone because of his decisions.
BU - Magic Shop TH 1

Cell phone

He has practiced a lot of vandalism, and ends up committing murder by killing his father.
BU - Magic Shop TH 2


What (he did/happened) with his new chance?: He found someone to be with, but is arrested and has to pay for his actions.
Jungkook His hyungs happiness.(?) Not wanting to see the others suffer through fake and temporary happiness/love. As a result, he "trades" in himself.
BU - Magic Shop JK


What (he did/happened) with his new chance?: He got a key to the "Magic Shop" and discovered a secret room.


*The characters names are the same as their real names.


Credits to Compilation of The HYYH Notes by @wonderfullyedible on Reddit and (ENG) HYYH THE NOTE ‘ANSWER’ (S.E.L.F) by @BTSxPando on Twitter.

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