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BTS Rookie King: Channel Bangtan (신인왕 방탄소년단-채널방탄) is a variety television series by the boy group BTS. The variety show features the members of BTS parodying different television programs and commercials.

It was premiered on September 3, 2013, and was broadcasted every Tuesday at 5 p.m. KST on SBS MTV.


  • RM (as Rap Monster) (Episodes 1–8)
  • Jin (Episodes 1–8)
  • SUGA (Episodes 1–8)
  • j-hope (Episodes 1–8)
  • Jimin (Episodes 1–8)
  • V (Episodes 1–8)
  • Jung Kook (Episodes 1–8)


1 BTS Rookie King Ep 1 Episode 1
September 3, 2013
BTS takes the viewers through their day, and then all get fooled by a candid camera during a shoot. They play an exciting game called “The Extremes,” where the unluckiest members suffer through hilarious penalties. One lucky fan is awarded one of j-hope’s precious personal belongings. (Watch on KOCAWA+)
2 BTS Rookie King Ep 2 Episode 2
September 10, 2013
BTS shows off how they shot the cover of their second album and prepared for their comeback. It’s a whole lot of fun and their segments are filmed in a karaoke room. Find out why in the last part of the show! (Watch on KOCAWA+)
3 BTS Rookie King Ep 3 Episode 3
September 17, 2013
It’s the Chuseok episode of “Rookie King: Channel BTS.” The band members have to sit for the "BTS State Examination" to prove how good they are physically and mentally. They sit for the civil service exams and military service exams. (Watch on KOCAWA+)
4 BTS Rookie King Ep 4 Episode 4
September 24, 2013
Interesting Chuseok missions await BTS on “The Extremes.” They make confessions that send everyone off crying in laughter, then play a heated game of basketball. V gives away a beloved belonging on “BTS Lottery.” (Watch on KOCAWA+)
5 BTS Rookie King Ep 5 Episode 5
October 1, 2013
In this episode, BTS reveals their new song, “Beautiful” and bowls, and Jin gives away his favorite item! Watch BTS bowl for the first time in their lives. They’re clueless about the game. Also, they have to flirt to film the music video. (Watch on KOCAWA+)
6 BTS Rookie King Ep 6 Episode 6
October 8, 2013
It’s another jam-packed episode. This time, the members sing their hearts out at karaoke, then move onto an Alkkagi competition, where the tables turn around and around. This time, “The Extremes” is at a gym. What penalties await them? And what will today’s lottery winner get? (Watch on KOCAWA+)
7 BTS Rookie King Ep 7 Episode 7
October 15, 2013
BTS sings a beautiful song at a place that has lots of memories. They play “The Extremes” at a comic book store and Prism Tower. Furthermore, they film their day themselves to show you what they do up close. (Watch on KOCAWA+)
8 BTS Rookie King Ep 8 Episode 8
October 22, 2013
The group cancels their trip due to a typhoon, but they take the show indoors in a cozy practice room. There, they play classic games of “X-Man” and try to guess who the X-Man is. Who will be the X-Man that fools everyone? (Watch on KOCAWA+)