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BTS Island: In the SEOM (BTS Island: 인더섬) is a a story-rich puzzle and a casual character management game[1] based in BTS with the contribution to creation by themselves which was launched on Apple Store and Google Play in June 28, 2022.

The trailer first appeared during the first day of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE in Las Vegas and the pre-registration began on April 26, 2022, with the pre-registration benefit being an interactive ARMY Bomb stand.

The game features a main OST by SUGA titled, "Our Island".

Characters and Cast[]

List of the cast and characters on the game.


The aim of the game is not only focused on bringing you together with BTS, but also on providing you with a relaxing gaming experience. Decorate the island as you like with the available themes and, to do so, play a match 3 game.


Gameplay Basics[]

BTS Island - In the SEOM Gameplay

Gameplay vision

The primary way of gameplay in BTS Island is the fairly simple Match-3 format. It is very similar to Candy Crush, and we have to match 3 or more of the same color together to collect it. We can play this without spending any energy like some other similar games.

The match-3 board has a finite number of moves. We have to collect the required amount of the specified colored blocks to clear the level. On some boards, we have to cover the whole board with a mat by clearing out the non-covered spaces. We start from Level 1 and go up from there, level 2, level 3, and so on. After completing the levels, we get stars that will be used in the secondary gameplay.

Match-3 Powerups[]

Blast Power-Ups

Blast Power-Ups

The Blast Power-up is one of the best power-ups in the game. Connecting 5 blocks of the same color in a straight line will form this. If we connect it with a particular color, then it will clear out all the blocks of that color that are currently on the board. If we double-tap the power-up, it will clear out blocks of random colors in its vicinity.

Top Power-Ups

Top Power-Ups

Top power-ups form when we connect 4 blocks in a square. When we connect this with any other block, or double-tap it, it spins to a colored block that is part of the required number of blocks. For example, if we connect 4 blue blocks in a square, a rocket will form. Suppose we need to collect 10 red colored blocks to complete the level, then regardless of connecting or double-tapping the Top, the power-up will always spin and clear out a red block.

Rocket Power-Ups (1)

Rocket Power-Ups

Rocket Power-ups can be made when 4 blocks are connected. This leads to a rocket forming, and when we connect this Rocket to any block, the rocket will completely clear that block’s row or column. For example, if we connect 4 red blocks horizontally, then a horizontal rocket will form, and if we connect this rocket to any block above or below the current row, then the rocket will clear out the entire affected row The same applies to vertical rockets in terms of columns.

Bomb Power-Ups

Bomb Power-Upss

Connecting 5 blocks in a T or L shape will form a Bomb Power-up. As in other games like this, regardless of which color block, we connect it with, it will explode and clear the blocks in a large area around it.


At the left of the screen, a “BTS BOMB Meter” is present. Over the course of a level, the more power-ups we use, the faster this meter fills up. When it fills up completely, a very big “BTS BOMB” will explode on the board. This bomb will clear up a very large area, making it easier to reach that level’s goal. This is the best power-up in the game.

Focus on the in-game Missions[]

BTS Island - In the SEOM Gameplay (3)

Happiness levels

The stars we collect from the Match-3 gameplay will be useful for the secondary gameplay. Each mission needs a minimum of 1 star to begin, while some missions require 2 stars. The secondary gameplay of BTS Island is where we complete missions. Here, we have a journal/diary where we get a list of missions every day.

As we complete the missions one by one, we get more. These missions involve cutscenes and dialogues, and we get to see the band members interact. The chibi avatars of the BTS members will be a very adorable sight for the BTS ARMY. The missions, along with the members’ interacting, also involve them building houses, cooking, and just enjoying each other’s company.

BTS Island - In the SEOM Gameplay (4)

Happiness levels (Jin)

The BTS members have Happiness levels. This is the stat that enables them to equip special costumes. These costumes are available as their happiness levels increase. Though for some costumes, premium currency is required. There are also choices to make on BTS Island. As the game progresses, the BTS members ask for our advice. This is in the form of choices, where we can choose from the different members’ responses. Whose response we choose will affect the other members. Also, the member whose response we choose will have increased happiness.

PvP Gameplay[]

Upon reaching level 30, we can join clubs. In clubs, we can play together with BTS fans. The social aspect is a very big part of the BTS ARMY community, and therefore the clubs have so far proven to be an amazing feature in the game.

Resources and Accessories[]




Stars are used for starting the missions. The cutscenes, the dialogues, etc, all need stars to play out. As stated before, we collect these by completing the match-3 levels. We can only collect 1 star per level though, so it is best to stock up on a bunch of stars before starting the missions.



Gold can be earned through completing the missions in the Secondary Gameplay. The main purpose of Gold here is to purchase extra lives and moves when we run out of them. Gold is also the only resource we can use to buy special powerups.



We get 5 lives upon starting the game, and we lose one life every time we run out of moves and don’t purchase any extra lives with gold.



These gems are the premium currency. We can use diamonds to buy a lot of exclusive accessories. Diamonds can only be purchased with real money.


BTS Island - In the SEOM Gameplay (5)

Jung Kook's accessories

In BTS Island, the members can equip their favorite costumes and different accessories like hats, glasses, and such. Some of these accessories’ slots are unlocked upon reaching a certain happiness level with a member, and some of these are exclusive, and can only be bought with real money.

Along with costumes, you can also unlock real-life photos of the members. These are unlocked when you choose their options during gameplay, and when their happiness increases.[2]



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