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This article focuses on the fictional supergroup "BTS" from the game BTS World.
For the seven-member South Korean boy band , see "BTS".

The BTS is the fictional future supergroup mentioned in the South Korean visual novel styled mobile game BTS World. The characters are inspired by the seven-member South Korean boy band, BTS.


List of the characters on the group.


The storyline follows the player which time-slips back to 2012 becoming the manager tasked with debuting future supergroup 'BTS'. This mode is divided into multiple chapters, all story elements and missions must be cleared and read to be able to move to the next chapter also specific player levels must be reached to unlock chapter after chapter two. There are three types of stages in this mode: Story Stages, Mission Stages and Cinematic Stages.

  • Story Stages are composed of various story screens and dialogue. The members reactions change based on the selections which the player make in story stages.
  • Mission Stages are cleared using members cards and various items are available as rewards for clearing missions.
  • Cinematic Stages are composed of cinematic clips starring the BTS members.



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