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"BTS ‘아포방포10 (Apobangpo 10)’ Project" is a 10th anniversary project by South Korean boy band BTS. The project is part of 2023 BTS Festa.


On June 8, 2023, was unveiled the group's project photos, behind-the-scenes video and a video of them discussing what advertisements they should release for their 10th anniversary and showing fans a behind-the-scenes look at their group photo shoot.[1][2]


Slogans and advertisement options[]

They also discussed incorporating fan-prepared slogans into the ad. Jimin recalled the slogan “Our beginning and end is you”, previously used by ARMY, while V suggested incorporating lyrics from the group’s then-upcoming song "Take Two".

V’s suggestion received a warm reception from the majority of the members, leading to an adorable moment where he tried to simplify things for his bandmates by pointing out lyrics he believed would be perfect. But laughter filled the room as Jin pointed out that V’s chosen lyrics sounded more like something for grandparents.

Meanwhile, RM, took a unique approach with his suggestions, aiming to make an impact that would resonate not only with ARMY but also with non-fans. In a lighthearted moment, he called non-ARMYs: “Muggles”, drawing inspiration from British author J.K. Rowling’s beloved Harry Potter franchise. In Harry Potter’s world, Muggles are those who lack magic powers and are often unaware of the wizarding world.

When the time came for RM to pick an advertisement option, he went with the village bus. He felt it would ensure maximum reach and visibility for the campaign.

The creative process for the anniversary project culminated with the septet brainstorming a catchy campaign name. They settled on Apobangpo 10, based on a Korean phrase meaning “ARMY Forever, Bangtan Forever”, coined by Jung Kook during a fan cafe chat with ARMY in 2019. They then posed for photos, capturing the essence of the year ahead.

After expressing their intention to present ARMY with a significant gift, the members ended the video, leaving their fans eagerly anticipating the surprises to come. ARMY went wild on social media after watching the video, trending the phrase ‘My Seven’ to celebrate BTS’s reunion. Many became emotional upon seeing RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook together again.


The capital of South Korea was decorated in bright shades of purple and posters, big screens to celebrate the BTS' 10th anniversary. The event kicked off with media artwork donning 11 different locations in Seoul, held as a collaboration between HYBE and the Seoul Metropolitan Government to honor the record-breaking achievements by the septet over the last decade. Eleven locations have been lighted with violet, the band's official color since 2016 after the last color of the rainbow, symbolizing the band's wish to stay with the fan club ARMY "for as long as possible". Purple has since been used to symbolize both the group and ARMY, and major cities have lighted their buildings in purple to welcome BTS when it visits for its performances.[3]


  • Apobangpo (아포방포, also abbreviated as AFBF), is a phrase created by Jung Kook during one of his fancafe chats with ARMY in 2019. The phrase meaning “ARMY Forever, Bangtan Forever”, and '아포방포' is the shortened version of “에버, 에버”.[4]


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