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"BASTIONS" (Korean: 베스티언즈) is a South Korean computer animated series airing on SBS TV. It was premiered on May 14, 2023.

The series features a main original soundtrack by BTS, titled "The Planet". Other additional contributions to this soundtrack include LE SSERAFIM, Heize, AleXa and Brave Girls.


A young idol group living in a world where psychic powers have become commonplace. The group learns how to use their powers to become superheroes and struggles to save the planet from villains who want to pollute the environment.[1]


In April 2023, a new animated series produced for SBS TV was first announced, featuring a new single from boy group BTS. The series was produced by Thymos Media and Navel.[2]

Voice Cast




  • DIGGER (디거): (Male, Teenager)
    • He grasps the situation with his genius brain and sets up a strategy. DIGGER is always serious and prudent, and is teased by his members for being no fun. While he is good at negotiating with the other party and solves difficult tasks quickly, its makes many mistakes in easy tasks and unintentionally brings laughter. He enjoys reading, contemplating and biking, Pakruga's specialty. Its has the ability to see clearly even from far away, and after awakening as an angel, he gains the ability to see through.
  • ALMON (알몬): (Male, Teenager)
    • A tsundere specimen who is tough and chic on the outside, but has more affection than anyone else on the inside. Occasionally, he sounds like an old-fashioned person, and when he decides to, he expresses his affection severely. A member who is most diligent in making music by creating beats and melodies. There are often conflicts at the crossroads between hero and artist activities. While he usually hates moving, he shows quicksilver-like speed during activities. After awakening, you will have the ability to teleport.
  • J.J (제이제이): (Male, Teenager)
    • He is usually the youngest with a lot of playfulness and often gets criticized, but its has a reversal charm that shows strong mental strength and breakthrough power in the face of a crisis. He is fearless and acts promptly before thinking too long. While its has great instantaneous ability, he is not on the side of persistence. He possesses extraordinary power to the point of easily overturning a car with one hand. After awakening, you will have enough strength to shake the earth's axis.
  • Joony (이준): (Female, Teenager)
    • The daughter of the house where the BASTIONS live. Help her mother pack her Gimbap and take care of her delivery. She is like a brother and sister in real life who genuinely comfort and worry when the three of them in the rooftop room are hot and bicker, but when they are having a hard time. Although she is a big fan of the BASTIONS, its has no idea that the trio in the rooftop room are they. She is not a hero, but she has a strong personality that can't stand injustice, and she is active in social movements such as flogging and boycotting Wash Green.
  • Chairman Yang (양회장): (Male, 50 years old)
    • Chairman of Wash Green, a super-large global company, and businessman who dominates the lives of people around the world, from all kinds of daily necessities to construction and fuel business, advocating eco-friendliness. Its have greed and meanness are hidden behind a gentle attitude and a boisterous laugh. A psychopath who only worships money with the philosophy that money is at the center of the world and feels no remorse about the problems that arise as a result. While supporting the heroes, he is using them for his own business.
  • MIKI & MICHI (미키앤미치): (Female (MIKI)/Male (MICHI), 20 years old)
    • A top-notch combo hero that has been ranked #1 in Weekly Heroes for over 10 weeks. As a representative model of Wash Green, it has received tremendous support, but has recently been experiencing a decline due to repeated sluggish activity. A show window relationship where they show off their perfect teamwork through live broadcasts, but don't hesitate to say bad things to each other when the camera is off. They are a thoroughly popular hero who only solves large-scale cases that can be on the front page of the news. MIKI is on the side of trying to protect his honor and pride as a hero. He is embarrassed to find himself attracted to his nemesis, ALMON of the BASTIONS.



1 BASTIONS (EP. 1) Birth of a New Hero
(새로운 히어로의 탄생)
May 13, 2023 (Japan)
May 14, 2023 (South Korea)
An unknown hero group, BASTIONS, resolves a poison truck case, resulting in an extraordinary event. They took Number 1 on the Weekly Hero Chart. The Star heroes MIKI & MiCHI not only lose their titles as #1 to a rookie group but also risks losing their sponsorship by Wash Green.[3]
2 BASTIONS (EP. 2) Someone Tell Me What To Do In This Situation?
(이럴 땐 어떻게 해야 하는지 누가 좀 가르쳐 줘)
May 20, 2023 (Japan)
May 21, 2023 (South Korea)
The trio participates in an idol audition they have been preparing for, with negative results.[4]
3 Bastions EP.3 Want To Forget But Can't
(잊고 싶은데 잊혀지지가 않아)
May 27, 2023 (Japan)
May 28, 2023 (South Korea)
The rooftop trio meet with a mysterious person who says they have something important to say to the BASTIONS.[5]
4 BASTIONS (EP. 4) More and More
(점점 더)
June 3, 2023 (Japan)
June 4, 2023 (South Korea)
Joony teases the trio's while watching their performance on the rooftop, suggesting they should try to be more like the famed street dancer, Chinu.[6]
5 BASTIONS (EP. 5) You and I Got The Power
(너와 내가 힘을 합치면)
June 10, 2023 (Japan)
June 11, 2023 (South Korea)
To be added.[7]