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Are You Sure?! (이게 맞아?!) is a travel reality show starring Jimin and Jung Kook. It will be released exclusively on Disney+ on August 8, 2024.


The eight-part series, which was filmed in 2023 before the duo enlisted in the South Korean military, immediately after Jung Kook’s viral performance on Good Morning America in July 2023, follows Jimin and Jung Kook as they travel to three iconic global destinations: New York state, USA; Jeju Island, South Korea; and Sapporo, Japan.[1]

The reality show "will take viewers on a fun-filled journey with BTS's youngest members as they eat, shop, cook, camp, canoe, swim and road trip together",[2] according to a press release, and will "give a deeper look into Jimin and Jung Kook’s undeniable chemistry and endearing friendship as they bond over a variety of unforgettable moments throughout the trip immersing in different cultures, exploring various action-packed activities, and trying out local cuisines".[3]


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