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Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Grass Flower Arboretum (풀꽃수목원; also known as Arboretum) is a fictional location from Songju City, where Park Ji-min was traumatized.


Ji-min has been transferred to the surgery ward since two weeks. At first he is surprised by the relative freedom of the surgery ward, but eventually comes to the conclusion that they are the same. The only difference was that he was allowed to roam freely in the hallway. Ji-min would often run in the hallway or dance around in the lounge. While running at full speed in the hallway once, Ji-min came to a grinding halt right in front of the exit door. He had to take only 5 steps more to completely exit the hospital through the door that was marked ‘off-limits’. No one came running to stop him either, but he couldn’t do it because this part of the hallway was too similar to the stretch of the hallway in the psychiatric ward.

Ji-min reflects on how he was a model patient in the psychiatric ward. Apart from a few seizures, Ji-min rarely caused trouble. He wasn’t always like this though. When he was first admitted at the age of 8, he tried desperately to escape from the door as his Mom left. The nurses sedated him, and his efforts to escape continued for a while and life became a cycle of seizures, injections and injections induced sleep. He reflects back on the day he was brought to the hospital- how he ran in the rain with the backpack on his head and took shelter in the warehouse at the arboretum. The musty smell of the room and the screechy metallic sound haunts him. Ji-min felt like his blood had turned to mud and would often wash himself repeatedly because he felt ‘dirty’. When asked by the doctor, he denied remembering it and continuously lied to the point of becoming a model patient now who never struggled to escape. Occasionally he was sent to schools and he remembers the friends he made 2 years ago, who he had to say goodbye to because of the seizure at the bus stop when he saw the shuttle bus to the arboretum.

Two weeks ago he’d gotten into a fight over a boy he calls stupid for trying to escape, and was transferred to a 6 person room. After some days he discovers that Ho-seok is in the bed next to him, he gets happy but chooses to avoid him all day to hide his mental illness. While hiding he sees Jung-kook and others who had come to visit Ho-seok. At night, tired and hungry, he meets Ho-seok who offers him bread and asks him to not worry because he has narcolepsy too and thus not very different from him. Ji-min remarks that Ho-seok had not changed one bit.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Ji-min, 11 May Year 22


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Physical location[]

Year 11

BU - 6 April Year 11

Ji-min escaping.

April 6: Ji-min has a school picnic with parents at the Grass Flower Arboretum, but Ji-min's parents couldn't attend. His teacher offers to take him to his house but he decides to return on his own. In the end, he goes back to the arboretum due to the rain. There, he goes inside a storage area to stay dry from the rain.[1][2] Inside, Ji-min sees a kid, Choi, trying to fight back and escape from a unknown man but he is beaten by that person. Scared, Ji-min escapes from the place.[3][4]

August 12: Ji-min hugs his younger self, reassuring him that when he grows up he'll meet great friends who'll help him become a better person. He tells his younger self to be stronger as he begins to cry. Eventually, Ji-min opens his eyes to find his younger self gone. He sees the entrance to the Grass Flower Aboretum in the distance, finding it with no trace of rain.[5]

Meaningful location mention[]

Year 18

December 10: Ji-min and his mother go to Songju Jeil Middle School, the new school he's been transferred to. Upon seeing the chin-up bars, he recalls a time when he'd played on the swings and had tried to get up as high as possible.[6]

Year 19

BU - 12 June Year 19

Everyone walking through the train station.

June 12: Everyone skips class and Nam-joon proposes that they go to the sea and since they don't have money, they decide to walk. They walk through the train station to get there faster. They pass a sign that says "Grass Flower Arboretum, 2.1 km." Ji-min stops and Yoon-gi notices his strange expression, but Ji-min walked on again.[7][8][9] They eventually reach the beach and play around. Ho-seok suggests visiting a rock that supposedly grants your dreams if you stand on it and shout your dreams to the ocean.

BU - 12 June Year 19 (2)

Photo in the beach.

The rock is 3.5km away, and while others don't want to walk that far, Tae-hyung insists. Jung-kook recalls asking the others about dreams, and asks them what exactly does one mean by a dream. They eventually get there, but found out construction that must've obliterated the rock. While they were a bit disappointed, a drilling sound comes and everything's inaudible. Everyone starts shouting out dreams and stops once the drilling ended. They take a photo together and mark the date.[10]

Year 22

May 19: Ji-min decides that he has to go to the Grass Flower Arboretum. He needs to stop lying to himself that what had happened there years ago didn't happen and that he would be able to stop having seizures. However, every time the bus for the arboretum would arrive, he ends up not going. Eventually, Yoon-gi comes up beside him after he misses the third bus. Yoon-gi says that he was bored and asks Ji-min what he was doing at the bus stop. Ji-min lowers his head and ponders to himself about the answer. He knows that in the end, he is still afraid. He notices how relaxed Yoon-gi is. Yoon-gi tells him about how nice the weather is, and Ji-min realises that he had been worrying too much to not have noticed how nice the weather is indeed. Eventually, another bus comes in and Ji-min asks Yoon-gi if he could come with him.[11]

BU 4 July Year 22 (Love Yourself Tear) 2

Ji-min colliding with the girl.

July 4: Ji-min is practicing a dance with someone else. However, he loses his flow and ends up colliding with her. Ji-min falls and his arm begins to bleed.[12] He suddenly gets flashbacks of the Grass Flower Arboretum and panics, heading to the bathroom to furiously wash off the blood.[13] He thought that he had already overcome it, but he didn't. As he washes the blood off his arm, he realises that he wasn't the only one who fell. Ji-min goes to check on his partner to find no one. He sees at a distance outside Ho-seok running while carrying the girl. Ji-min grabs an umbrella to catch up and give it to them but stops.[14] He realises that he couldn't do anything for falling and hurting someone just to run away. He tells himself that it wasn't okay before correcting that he is okay and that his injury isn’t serious.[15] Ho-seok arrives at the hospital. While waiting, the girl's bag falls to the floor.

BU - 4 July Year 22 (Love Yourself Tear)

Ji-min washing the blood off his arm.

As Ho-seok picks up the items, he finds a plane ticket. At that moment, the doctor calls for him. The doctor tells him that the girl only had a mild concussion and that she'll be alright. The girl wakes up shortly thereafter and meets back up with Ho-seok. She notices her ticket peeking out of her bag and Ho-seok tells her that they should go. Outside, it is still raining heavily. The girl was about to talk to Ho-seok but he interrupts, saying that he'll get an umbrella and runs off to the nearest convenience store. Ho-seok knows that the ticket was for the overseas dance team the girl had auditioned for before. He ran away because he didn't want to hear her say it, nor did he have the courage to congratulate her.[16]


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