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Park Soo-hyun (박수현), better known by her stage name ADORA (아도라), is a South Korean singer-songwriter and record producer under AURA Entertainment. She was an in-house producer of Big Hit Music.

She made her solo debut on November 5, 2021 with the digital single "Make U Dance" as a part of the DINGO Music project.


2014–2021: Pre-debut, producer under Big Hit[]

ADORA used to be a trainee under Music K Entertainment and originally was supposed to be a member of girl group The Ark, but ended up not debuting for unknown reasons.[1]

In 2016, she was recruited as an in-house producer under Big Hit through the audition project "2016 Next New Creator". At the time, she was the company's only female producer. From 2016 to 2020, she worked for their artists BTS and TXT.[2]

2021: New agency, solo debut with "Make U Dance"[]

On October 25, it was announced that ADORA had signed an exclusive contract with AURA and that she is in final preparations to make her solo debut in November.[2]

On October 30, it was confirmed that ADORA would make her solo debut with her first digital single "Make U Dance" as a part of the DINGO Music project on November 5.[3]

2022: "The Little Name", "Trouble? Travel!"[]

On February 24, ADORA announced that she would be releasing her second pre-release digital single, "The Little Name", on March 7.[4]

On May 19, it was announced that ADORA will be releasing her third pre-release digital single, "Trouble? Travel!", on June 1, 2022.[5]


Digital singles[]

Producing and writing credits[]

◯ = Participates as writing/composer/producer, ✖ = Not participated as writing/composer/producer,
W = Writing, C = Composer, P = Producer, R. = Reference

Artist Album Song W C P R.
BTS Wings "Interlude: Wings" [6]
You Never Walk Alone "봄날 (Spring Day)" [7]
"Outro: Wings" [8]
Love Yourself: Her "Best of Me" [9]
Love Yourself: Tear "134340" [10]
"Love Maze" [11]
"Magic Shop" [12]
"So What" [13]
Love Yourself: Answer "Euphoria" [14]
"Epiphany" [15]
TXT The Dream Chapter: STAR Our Summer [16]
BTS Map of the Soul: Persona "HOME" [17]
TXT Single "Our Summer (Acoustic Mix)" [18]
The Dream Chapter: MAGIC "Roller Coaster" [19]
"Poppin' Star" [20]
"Can't We Just Leave The Monster Alive?" [21]
"20cm" [22]
GFriend 回:Labyrinth "Labyrinth" [23]
BTS Map of the Soul: 7 "친구 (Friends)" [24]
"Moon" [25]
V Itaewon Class Original Soundtrack "Sweet Night" [26]
TXT The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY "Maze in the Mirror"
Minisode1 : Blue Hour "Way Home"
ADORA "Dingo X ADORA" "Make U Dance"
Single "The Little Name"