ARMY or A.R.M.Y (아미) is BTS's official fandom name. It was officially established on July 9, 2013 after the first recruitment closed.



"A.R.M.Y" stands for "Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth" and it carries quite some meaning behind it, given that "Army" is associated with the military, body armor, and how those two things are always together, the fandom name basically means that fans will always be together with BTS.


BTS and A.R.M.Y are almost mirrored mages of each other and they have a relationship that is affected by each other. The symbol of A.R.M.Y is expressed as a door on their viewpoint who is waiting & welcoming BTS on the opposite door when BTS opens a new door.


2nd Recruitment (2014)

The second recruitment opened on December 19, 2014 to January 16, 2015. The benefits of becoming an official member includes receiving a membership card, special goods, event book, lotto show twice a month and other events, monthly birthday celebration video, free pass for a fan meeting, first purchase benefits, official fan community level upgrade, exclusive first pick to concerts and events, etc.

3rd Recruitment (2016)

The third recruitment opened on February 19, 2016, to March 4, 2016. The benefits of becoming an official member include receiving a membership card, ARMY.ZIP event book, pre-reservations to domestic and overseas concerts, pre-reservation to BTS official fan meeting, exclusive merchandise, opportunity to participate in open broadcasting, modify the levels of official Fan Cafe, and participate in special events.

6th Recruitment (2019)

The benefits of become an official member include receiving a membership card, a membership kit, exclusive merchandise, early reservation tickets, ticket raffle opportunities, an opportunity to attend domestic TV music program broadcasts, exclusive access to BTS Weverse Membership-Only content, and participate in other online/offline special events.


  • In ARMYPEDIA, RM revealed that A.R.M.Y was only one of the choices for the fandom name. If A.R.M.Y didn't get selected as the official fandom name, fans might have been called "Bangwools" or "Bells".


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