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This article focuses on the original story 7FATES: CHAKHO.
For the webtoon and web novel, see 7FATES: CHAKHO and 7FATES: CHAKHO respectively. For the fictional group, see CHAKHO.

Spoilers Spoiler Alert: This article contains details about 7FATES: CHAKHO. Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled.

The 7FATES: CHAKHO (Also known as 7FATES: CHAKHO with BTS, 7FATES: CHAKHO by HYBE or 7FATES with BTS) is an original story produced by HYBE, with characters portrayed by the members of BTS.

This is the first story in the 7FATES series.[1]


On July 13, 2021, HYBE registered the trademarks "7FATES" and "CHAKHO".[2]

On November 4, 2021, at 2021 HYBE BRIEFING WITH THE COMMUNITY, Shwan Hwangbo announced a webtoon and a web novel about 7 FATES: CHAKHO to be released simultaneous on January 14, 2022.[3]

On December 20, 2021, 7 FATES: CHAKHO was announced as the first story in the 7FATES series.[1]


The <7Fates: CHAKHO> is an urban fantasy genre story set in a city of the near future. It was inspired by the "Chakhogapsa", the Beom (tiger) hunters of the Joseon Dynasty. It is a story re-created by reinterpreting the stories of bears and Beom in mythology and the traditional Korean beom tales with HYBE's own imagination. CHAKHO will collaborate with BTS to create a dynamic story about seven boys bound by fate who grow up together through trials and tribulations, and why they must be seven and what their destiny holds.



Sin-si is the main setting of 7Fates: CHAKHO, a corrupted city that the beom invades. Many years ago it used to be the place where many tribes including the beom and the gom live.

Inwang Dungeon[]

A mysterious world where beom live. The world is only temporary, and as such the beom come to Sin-si every January 16 to get humans as sacrifice.


List of 7Fates: CHAKHO with BTS content.

Title Type Released
7FATES: CHAKHO with BTS Teaser November 3, 2021
CCTV LIVE 🔴 Teaser December 20, 2021
Super Casting: BTS Webtoon December 25–31, 2021
7FATES: CHAKHO Group Photo Group photo January 2, 2021
7FATES: CHAKHO Official Teaser Teaser January 8, 2021
7FATES: CHAKHO Concept Photo 1 Concept photos January 8, 2022
7FATES: CHAKHO Interview Interviews January 11, 2022
7FATES: CHAKHO Concept Photo 2 Concept photos January 11, 2022
7FATES: CHAKHO Character Poster Character posters January 14, 2022
7FATES: CHAKHO Official Story Film, the first reveal Story film January 15, 2022
7FATES: CHAKHO Official Story Film (Short ver.) Story film January 15, 2022
7FATES: CHAKHO Official Story Film (Full ver.) Story film January 15, 2022
7FATES: CHAKHO Launch Trailer Trailer January 15, 2022
7FATES: CHAKHO Webtoon January 15, 2022–present
7FATES: CHAKHO Web novel January 15, 2022–present

Cast and Characters[]

7FATES CHAKHO Character Map

List of the characters in the original story.



Beom Tribe[]

  • Hupo
  • Bulti
  • Maro
  • Heoseo
  • Jichu
  • Ogyeop
  • Zahu
  • Narae
  • Hara

Zeha's Family[]

  • Zeha's Father
  • Zeha's Mother

Tiger Butterfly[]

  • Dongcheol
  • Kyeongtae
Team 1[]
  • Seongjin Kim
  • Deok-ki Lee
  • Nami Mi
  • Rang Eo
  • Kidong Ko

Yisal Group[]

  • Hwanwoong

Do-geon's Friends[]

  • Kyungsoo
  • Gahyeon
  • Mincheol
  • Jaecheol

Hwan's Family[]

  • Hwan's Father
  • Hwan's Mother
  • Juhee

Cein's Family[]

  • Cein's Mother
  • Cein's Father
  • Cein's Brother

Duduri Tribe[]

  • Pyori


  • Soo-hoon Kim
  • Miyoung
  • Hae-yoon
  • Hae-yeong
  • Jihye
  • Jisu
  • Soyeong
  • Seongjun
  • Jeongmi
  • Jaewon




  • Massacre at Inwang Mountain
  • Attack on District 2 Bridge
  • Attack on District 5 Museum
  • Attack on District 19 A Department Store


  • The Sword of the Ancient Age
  • Hosu's Kusarigama
  • Jooan's Spear
  • Cein's Daggers
  • Do-geon's Carabine
  • Hwan's Bow and Quiver
  • Do-geon's Bombs
  • 2DR
  • DB-620
  • Zeha's Gun
  • Zeha's Sword
  • Do-geon's Gun
  • Beom's Brow Hindsight


  • Do-geon's Bike

Sentient Species[]


To be added



List of songs used in 7FATES: CHAKHO content.

Song Content
"Stay Alive" 7FATES: CHAKHO (Webtoon)


Timeline of events occurred on the original story.



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