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A new fate is unveiled. A new story begins!

–7 FATES Poster

7 FATES is a series of original stories produced by HYBE starring BTS.

Original Stories[]


On July 13, 2021, HYBE registered the trademarks "7FATES" and "CHAKHO".[1]

On November 4, 2021, at 2021 HYBE BRIEFING WITH THE COMMUNITY, Shwan Hwangbo announced a webtoon and a web novel about 7 FATES: CHAKHO to be released simultaneous on January 14, 2022.[2]

On December 20, 2021, 7 FATES: CHAKHO was announced as the first story in the 7 FATES series.[3]


List of 7FATES content.

Title Type Released
7FATES Official Teaser Teaser December 12, 2021
7FATES Concept Photo Concept photos December 12–14, 2021
7FATES Interview Interviews December 18, 2022
7FATES Official Story Film (Full ver.) Story film December 19, 2021
7FATES Official Story Film (Narration ver.) Story film December 19, 2021
7FATES Group Photo Group photo December 19, 2021
7FATES Character Poster Character posters December 19, 2021
CCTV LIVE 🔴 Teaser December 20, 2021
Super Casting: BTS Webtoon December 25–31, 2021

Cast and Characters[]



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