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New Year's Eve Live (also known as NYEL) is an annual New Year's Eve online and offline special presented by Weverse. It focuses on performances of Big Hit Labels artists with various themes every year.


Year Date City Venue Host(s)
2020 (1st) December 31 Seoul Korea International Exhibition Center TBA


# Song Performed by Notes
1. "I&credible" Hanbin
2. "Let Me In" ENHYPEN
3. "10 Months"
4. "Given-Taken"
5. "Can't You See Me?" TXT
6. "PUMA" (with Yeonjun's Dance)
7. Members Solo Stage
8. "We Lost The Summer"
9. "Wishlist"
10. "Blue Hour"
11. TBA Bumzu
12. TBA Lee Hyun
13. "What Do You Want" Ren (NU'EST), Jay (ENHYPEN) and Hueningkai (TXT) Connect Stage with Shin Hae Chul.
14. "To You" Bumzu, Baekho (NU'EST), Yuju (GFriend), Heeseung (ENHYPEN) and Taehyun (TXT)
15. "Time For the Moon Might" (Piano ver.) GFriend Umji was absent due health issues.
16. "Crossroads"
17. Yuju's Intro + "Apple"
18. Intro + "Mago"
19. "Overcome" NU'EST
20. "Shadow"
21. "Bet Bet"
22. "Love Paint"
23. "Love Me"
24. "Drive"
25. "Dynamite" BTS Suga was absent due health issues.
26. "Best Of Me"
27. "MIC Drop (Full Length Edition)" BTS and Steve Aoki
28. "Make It Right (Acoustic Remix)" BTS and Lauv
29. "Boy With Luv" BTS and Halsey Suga was absent due health issues.
30. "Life Goes On" BTS



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